Thursday, November 03, 2011

Image Attribution

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Images add a lot to blog posts but people often don't give attribution to the authors of the images.  Here is one way to give credit to the author of a photo from Flickr.
1.  Go to Flickr.
2.  Click Explore from the top of the page.
3.  From the drop down menu click Creative Commons.
4.  From one of the license groups, click on See More.
5.  Use the Search box to find a photo.
6.  Click Share.
7.  From drop down menu be sure that HTML button is selected.
8.  Copy the HTML code from box.
9.  In your Blogger post click the Edit HTML tab at the top of your post window.
10.  Paste your previously copied code at the very top of your post.
11.  Click the Compose tab to write text in your post.
12.  Now when you mouse over the image, you will see that the photographer's name appears and  if you click on the photo, you will be taken to the Flickr page where the photo appears.