Sunday, February 16, 2014


I recently felt the need to create a screencast to help one of my students understand the steps to follow in creating a blogroll in Blogger.  Previously I had always found already created Youtube videos sufficient and didn't see any reason to "reinvent the wheel."

However,  I thought that this time I would try creating my own screencast through a free took called Screencastomatic since I wanted to personalize the screencast using examples the student was familiar with.

I was surprised to find the recorder exceptionally easy to use and will consider using it more in the future.  I think that instead of  or in addition to writing out a long list of steps to follow in my future syllabi, I may start creating more screencasts.  

I think that seeing a screencast may be a useful enhancement for the learners in my course.  I'm definitely going to look at the upcoming mods in my course to see if some screencasts might be helpful.