Sunday, June 01, 2008

Online EFL Teaching

I have long wanted to do some online EFL teaching, and now there are many sites which facilitate that. Talkbean is one such site. The company posted a job description on the TESOL site. Personally, the time commitment of everyday discouraged me. I would like to do some tutoring but just 2-3 times a week. I'm going to investigate other sites from a list I received from Meri Aaron Walker's site called mawstoolbox as well as Myngle.

Each of these sites offers connections of teachers and students through the use of webcams, whiteboards and chat technologies. So not only conversational language skills can be developed, but reading and writing as well.

The whole concept of connecting language teachers with students who can benefit from intereaction with native speakers is a concept that holds a lot of promise.


stephanie said...

After reading your post I wanted to suggest! They offer a very flexible and convenient way for one to teach and tutor language online. The sessions are online via video chat and generally are hour long. Just a suggestion...I'm a student on the site and I'm really enjoying it!

Maryanne said...


Thanks for the suggestion I will check it out. BTW what language o you study there?