Monday, August 25, 2008


I recently rejoined a type of mentoring/pen pal program called In2Books. It connects elementary school children with adults through reading and commenting on the same books.

During the school year, students select 5 books from lists compiled by children's literature experts and exchange online letters about the important issues in the books.

I have participated in the program twice and the organizers continue to improve the quality of the software used for the exchange of letters. Initially the 5 books to be read were free and were sent to the adult's home. Now the adults must buy the books or get them from the library, but I consider this a worthwhile investment.

The program always looking to sign up for new members. I like several aspects of the program. One is that there is a background check on the adults who participate and another is that they provide a lot of guidance in the writing of the letters.

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Shawn Traylor said...

Hi, Maryanne,

My name is Shawn Traylor and I'm the new Program Director for In2Books. I'm so glad to see that you like the program! I was wondering if you'd mind it if we used excerpts from your post in a testimonial that may appear on our websites (either or in the future?

Thank you for your post and thank you for being a part of the In2Books community!

Best regards,