Monday, July 06, 2009

National Educational Computing Conference

So inspiring! The National Educational Computing Conference (NECC) in D.C. put on by the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) was such a great learning experience. This was my first time at their conference and I was delighted with the presentations. Those that stood out for me were the ones by Vickie Davis on DIIGO, by Will Richardson on connective learning and Steve Hardagon on Ning and Learn Central.

In Steve's presentation he also elaborated on the new feature of Elluminate through with educators can have a free account which will allow them to have a virtual room for private sessions of up to 3 people and public sessions with a much larger number of people. I have attended many webinars in Elluminate and always wished I could make use of this tool. Elluminate also offers free training sessions. Definitely something to check out!


Ravindra said...

Hi Maryanne

I am very happy to find your blog although very coincidently. Here in India ( where nation is just waking up for web 2.0 world) I am also doing something similar. Please have a look at this

Can we do something together

Ravindra Dastikop

Maryanne said...


Tnanks for the links to your blogs. Is there a reason you have so many separate ones?

I'm not sure how we might collborate, but we can certainly stay in touch. The tools that I am presently trying out for use in my courses are Ning, VoiceThread and Diigo. I may also take the training for Elluminate. The virtual room aspect may have some useful features for online teaching.

Let me know what you are presently interested in.


Aldis said...

Good post. Thanks for sharing the useful links. Recently i attended a cloud computing conference in online by registering in It is the 2nd annual virtual conference. The conference is about the latest trends and changes in cloud computing. I gathered more useful information about the cloud computing from the conference.

Maryanne said...

Thanks for the link to the Cloudslam. I will definitely check it out.

Right now I am attending 2 courses in the Electronic Village Online (EVO)set of free,6-week courses. I've chosen Virtual Games and Teaching in Second Life. Both are excellent so far.