Friday, September 21, 2012


As part of a project at UB called Tools of Engagement, I am exploring some features of Flickr and other online sites. I haven't taken the time to clear up "red eye" in some of the photos I used for today's creations, but my purpose was simply  to try out  features of different tools and the photos worked for that.

 Here's a  Flickr slide show of Naps.  I uses a "set" of pix in Flickr to create this.  I could also use the set to create the Animoto version.  It would have been easier, however, if I could have used "tags" to find photos for uploading but I didn't see that option.

Here is the Animoto version .

Make a video of your own at Animoto.

 And here is the Flixtime version with some of the same photos.

 Although the Flixtime version photos seemed fuzzier, there are also some features in that program that might be worth exploring like voice over.  However, I had to download the Flickr photos to my hard drive in order to upload them to Flixtime.

I wanted to use the site Stupeflix which I had used before but there doesn't seem to be a free version any longer.  Too bad.  I liked the site.


Robin Sullivan said...

Hi Maryanne, It's good to see a comparison of the output of these two different image slide show tools. I'm happy to see that one of the UB faculty who I've worked with for such a long time is participating in and finding some value following along with TOEP.

Maryanne said...

Although I was familiar with many of the tools presented, TOEP has motivated me to continue exploring.

CCarlson said...

OK, so now I'm inspired to go back and explore the slide show features. I could see having this up at the beginning of a workshop with photos of the previous group or on the second day of a workshop as review/access prior knowledge type thing.

Robin Sullivan said...

To see the word "inspired" in your comment makes me believe that TOEP has achieved some of what we set out to accomplish.