Sunday, August 20, 2017

Individual White Boards

I am researching ways to use mini whiteboards with my upcoming beginning ESL class.  Here are some thoughts.
One board/one student:
  • T says/writes present tense          Ss write past tense
  • T spells word                               Ss write 
  • Ss see scrambled sentence           Ss write corrected order sentence
  • T dictates words/sentences          Ss write words/sentences
  • Simulated Twitter chat.               Ss see topic such as What did you do yesterday?" or
                                                        "Describe  members of your family." 
  • T asks question with do/does       Ss write "Yes s/he does. Yes, I do" etc.
One board/2-3 students:
  • Ss get situation task card such as "You got home late." Together they create a skit.


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