Saturday, January 13, 2007

How to Upload a Video


Illya said...

Hi Mayanne
I'm so glad I could inspire you to try out the video, and I'm even happier that you remined me of the steps I took! ;-)
It's very inspiring to see and hear you tell us, the viewers, how to do it and I'll certainly direct any interested people to this video!

Bee said...

Hi Maryanne,
Thanks for sharing the video and the explanation.
Would you mind if I link it to our tutorial page on the wiki?
Warm regards,

Anonymous said...

Hi Bee,

Feel free to link the video. It will be my motivation for creatinb better ones, perhaps with less blinking and no doggie sounds in the background. :)


Berta said...

Dear Maryanne, wow, you made up your mind and did it! Congratulations. I appreciate your taking the time to share your instructions. I did something similar but with Google videos in the Motime Blog. Blogger did not allow me to post it as it messed up my template. I see there is no problem when one posts from Yahoo videos. Thanks for the tip. You are so wonderful at welcoming everyone. Cariños.

Graham said...

Hi Maryanne,

great advice, and an inspiring video indeed. Look forward to watching more of the same!