Monday, January 01, 2007

Road blocks

I just signed up for the Electronic Village Online group on web publishing. I'm hoping that will be my motivation for trying new things especially podcasting.

Today I tried out my new Belkin TuneTalk stereo recorder for my video Ipod. I was able to create some memos, but I have to keep working with it to see how long a recording I can make. As I learn new things, I will post them here for myself and anyone else who may be learning how to use these tools.

I ran into a problem today when I accessed this blog. I haven't updated it in a while and it says that I can switch i t to a newer version. Supposedly there are 2 steps. The first one (entering your ID and password and checking an agreement box are fine. However, the second page asks if you already have a Google account. I do, but under "yes" all I see is a blank box and there doesn't seem to be any way to registser my "yes" answer. Oh well, maybe tomorrow.

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